Sharepoint is a scalable platform, capable to accomplish multiple tasks. Amongst those roles, Enterprise Portal & Intranet are the most important in increasing the efficiency of any company.

Some of Sharepoint Enterprise Portal benefits are:

  • It shortens the time allocated to business processes, using forms for collecting, through a web browser, the critical information from the clients, the partners, the customers, and the staff. The rules of data validation helps in obtaining correct and consistent information that may be integrated into the IT systems of the company, to avoid potential redundancy and errors that occur due to manual information loading.
  • It allows information sharing, while avoiding the disclosure of sensible information. The staff can access Microsoft Office Excel from a web browser through Excel services that run on a Sharepoint server. The information comprised in documents is protected and updated at the same time; the data may be entered, without the visualisation of all information.
  • It offers a centralized presentation of critical business information, data base built for the internal decisions system.
  • It offers a single integrated platform for the administration of the intranet, extranet and Internet applications for the entire organization. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – a services-based software architecture), allows the integration of Sharepoint with other existing applications, which protects the previous applications as it is not tailored exclusively for Microsoft applications.
  • It ensures enhanced security, based on roles allocation. The administrations can create roles and users types, further used to establish the access rights.
  • The user friendly interface helps the users to adopt the platform in short time. Sharepoint is integrated with other applications, such as e-mail, browser web types etc., simplifying the interactions of the users with the content, process and data.
  • It offers broad possibilities of site branding. Irrespective of the content viewed by the users, the interface has a uniform aspect. This uniform feature helps the user to concentrate just on content, not on its search.
  • It enhances the staff’s productivity through simplifying their daily activities. The work flows facilitate the initiation, follow-up and reporting of the routine business activities, as well as the revision and approval of documents, reports tracking or signatures collection. T
  • The rules requirements are met pursuant to a complete control of the content through setting out certain security settings, storage policies or auditing policies in conformity with the internal rules imposed by competent authorities.
  • It highlights the authors content, their easy access to information and the optimization of the approval process.
  • Simple access to non-structured and structured information from SAP, Siebel, or other system type across the organization, through the MOSS interface.
  • The experts from different areas of the organization may connect to each other.

We can help you to integrate the portal to your organization

  • We offer advice as regards the needed architecture option and implementation type of the customers’ projects. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is a solution with multiple functionalities, a basis for CS Vision experts in building business solutions for documents management and records, for the cooperation and the control of business performance. The cooperation results in an optimum solution that ensures the present and future progress. We consider that the free version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform is suitable for the development of an efficient portal of small - and medium- size companies.
  •  We combine a custom in-depth solution to short development time. Sharepoint is already provided with instruments designed to reduce the development time and to connect fast to existing systems. The experience gained by our specialists from the previous implementations helps in reducing the time of the project design and eliminates the issues occurring during development and implementations.
  • We support the staff to connect with key-applications of the organization. CS Vision experts (specialists in SAP, in Oracle Business Suite etc.) help the customers to create the environment of information exchange having Sharepoint as unique access point. Thus, the participants in workgroups, the personnel from certain departments and the top management access easily the information which they need to accomplish successfully the objects of the organization.
  • Through Sharepoint we add value to information and cooperation inside the company. The correct implementation of the management functionalities of web content and the functionalities of social networking from Sharepoint generates a correct distribution of the content and expertise accumulation, which create better business decisions.