The quality department of the City Hall strives to create uniform rules for evaluating and continuously improving public services quality and efficiency. This results in a most efficient resources management, while the delivery of public services is more effective.

More effective procedures can improve the services delivered to people, and the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 standard improves the quality of such services.

All the above actions are reflected in:

  • Simpler management and execution processes.
  • Monitoring of service delivery, shorter time alloted to service delivery, and thereby lower costs.
  • Higher efficiency of the quality of public services
  • Improved coordination and communication process.

The application developed by our experts for the department specialized in quality management in a City Hall have an eye to managing efficiently the activity of the Department, so that the introduction of the procedures and the alignment of service quality to the standards levels become as smooth as possible.

Using the solution developed by CS Vision team for the quality management department creates:

  • A uniform vision of the procedures to be followed
  • An easly accessible and familiar space for the documentation needed in the certification process
  • Documents templates, to facilitate the staff’s work

Being an application with an exact regard for the workflow in the City Hall, the implementation time is the shortest. Moreover, due to the multiple implemented projects, the functionalities of the applications can be adapted to the needs.

Our team holds Microsoft certifications and includes experts in the development of applications on Microsoft Platform, developing multiple software solutions for the central and local public administration in full compliance with applicable regulations.