We have learnt something the hard way. When we could not avoid keeping to the beaten track, we have tried to beat it in our way. Not for doing something different, but doing something better.

We have entered into competition with big and powerful companies that had the force advantage over our company. However, we have the energy to look after better things, to improve anything we hold, and to find new solutions for new issues, the soonest possible, before the big company succeeds to gather around its managing council.

We have complete methodologies for creating, managing, and implementing software projects. Any project that implies interactive hardware, no matter how avant-garde it might be, can be easily accomplished, because we have our own team of applications development and our own assembling department in Brasov.

Our solutions are registered with the Romanian Office for Copyrights (ORDA), qualitatively certificated and reviewed for conformity by local and international bodies.