Our team of experts is engaged in business development. Hereunder you may find 5 reasons for becoming a CSV, irrespective of your specialization, in interactive hardware or software. Actually, 6 reasons.

1. It is the place where your voice can be heard.
Don’t think that you have to sing (unless some rare cases may appear). We want you to know that we have a small company where each member counts. We enjoy it. It’s not a corporation or a multi-national company where you may be a happy occupant of a stool in a «cubicle ». Our target is to grow up through each member’s effort. If you help us go forward, we will help you progress.

2. It is a place where you will stay a major part of your day. We wish you “a happy staying”.

Well, "staying" maybe is not the most appropriate word. However, it is pleasant for sure. And relaxed. You don’t have to wear white shirts and neckties. We expect you to be decently dressed, that you respect, help your colleagues, consider their requirements. Everybody in our team has this kind of behaviour. If you do not enjoy coming to the office, that means that both of us have a problem.

3. Here you will find an "Open book" management.
What do you think about a football match where somebody tells you the score from the beginning of the game? It wouldn’t be interesting at all. Isn’t it? We inform all the members of the team what is the score, how many cards were given and the number of the goals. What does it mean? That we speak openly about the financial results. Therefore, we will work better, knowing how many goals we have registered.

4. Training
The every day training in front of our office. Even if some of us would wish to do it, considering the majority’s attitude, we will not practice it. Instead, if you will be a member of CS Vision team, it’s sure that you are thirsty for afterknowledge, and we are ready to feed it. You will attend trainings, classes, courses, you will return wiser to our office, and we will all take advantage of what you have learnt.

5. The salary day is more important than Sundays.
The name of 10th day of each month is “salary date” because is the day when the salary is paid. Not earlier, nor later. Specifically, not later. We don’t like the people being long in coming, delaying the terms, and not able to keep their promises. One of our promises is that the salary always remains the salary day. We have never delayed it, and we never will.

6. Once you arrive here, we you make a member of our team.
You’ll be a member of CS Vision team, and not of any team. We are not sure that we have not wrongly place this step the last one, instead placing it the first. However, perhaps it’s better to end with the most pleasant aspects. We are young, full of energy, life and humour. The average age is 29 years (the management including). Your colleagues are not comparable to dinosaurs, maggies, hyenas etc., they are nothing but good-humoured and merry friends welcoming you with open arms.

Does it sound interesting? If your answer is positive, you may find here a form , you can fill it in and tell something about you (a CV, a projects portfolio, a link to theLinkedIn profile).