Among the problems that companies face during software solutions development are:
  • High costs
  • The time needed for the products to enter the market
  • Poor internal development resources

The necessary resources for research and development, as well as those for development are difficult to obtain internally, while the actual economical conditions require minimal usage of costs and resources, while maintaining quality at the highest standards.

The externalization of software product development is a cost efficient solution. The main benefits of usingthis option are :
  • Experience of a specialized company in the development of software products
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Decrease of development time
  • Final users’ higher satisfaction
  • Faster entrance on the market
  • Faster-obtained results

We offer expertise along the entire cycle of the product development.

We carry out the first steps together with the customer, to best understand the business challenges, and then we choose the most appropriate development strategies in view of maximizing the results.

Services offered by CS Vision team:

  • Documentation, analysis and preparation of the technical specification of the product development
  • Architecture, design, implementation and product launching
  • Product implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Product revamping and technological updating
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Product development integrated in a products suite

Advantages of CS Vision services:

  • Advanced specialization and expertise in the development of software products, using Microsoft .Net
  • Over 5 years of design services, launching and maintenance of software products upon the request of major companies
  • Specialized resources, having in its portfolio product developments of different nature
  • Experience in software development using Microsoft .NET, and including ASP.NET and also WebService, XML etc.
  • Certifications : ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001