The implementation of the management solution in the Registrar’s office of a City Hall optimizes the monitoring and control processes of the department.
Accordingly, the personnel’s activity is more effective through automatic workflows, and any certificate or legal document is issued in legal due terms.

The advantages of the implementation of our developed management solution for the activities carried out in the Registrar’s office are:
  • New methodologies incumbent on any employee
  • Activity management – auditing of all documents and all steps meant to carry out any activity
  • An intuitive software solution, close to the personnel’s’ daily work environment – the interface of the application is similar to the usual Office application

Thus, the processing of the requests is more efficient, and the management system of the Registrar’s office improves the transparency of the administrative processes.

The advantages of the partnership with CS Vision in implementing a system for activities automation at the Registrar’s office are:

  • The solution tracks the natural flow of activities in the Registrar’s Office
  • For its expertise in the customization, programming and solutions development on Sharepoint platform, CS Vision obtained the certification as Microsoft Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV).
  • Quality certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Pre-defined implementation templates for the Registrar’s Office application, which reduce significantly the implementation time.