CS Vision is a company established in 2002 by a young Romanian mathematician from Brasov.
At present, the company concentrates on the development of the two business divisions: the software and interactive hardware divisions. The business software division is specialized in using the Microsoft technology.

Until the present day, we approached the following scopes of activity:

  • Documents Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • CRM
  • Development of solutions for activity management

The completed projects employed, as much as possible, the functionalities of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server. The professionals of CS Vision adapt different applications on the Sharepoint platform through customizations and integration with other applications, to design new business solutions for the business management within certain departments, and also to complete solutions tailored for the management of activities in companies and institutions.
A project example is the establishment of complete solutions for drawing up, managing, and reviewing the city planning documents. This solution allows setting up a network between the County Council and the subordinated City Halls
Also, another example is RiverRaft® Outlook BPM (www.riverraft.ro), an excellent instrument for enhancing the activity management and the productivity. It is an add-in to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007/2010 that organizes the dynamic processes in the departments of the companies and institutions. RiverRaft is registered with the Romanian Office for Copyrights (ORDA).
Tom Touch, an interactive hardware division, develops indoor and outdoor public interfaces, which offers a communication channel between the organizations and their users.
The terminals manufactured by Tom Touch hold SREN conformity licence, and the outdoor terminals are also IP54 rated.

At present, it is likely that CS Vision is the most important Romanian company that is actively involved in the interactive systems scopes, as its portfolio also comprises transnational implementations.

Tom Touch (www.tomtouch.ro) has an experience of over 6 year in interactive hardware manufacture. Tom Touch is manufactured in Romania and has a portfolio of over 30 customers, including important companies such as BCR, Rompetrol, Pepsi, Audi, and the Romanian Peasant’s Museum etc.

The solutions integrated to the public interfaces cover the communication necessities between the organizations and people. The interactive ambient is represented by stands and applications for museums, urban systems, interactive kiosks etc.
Another project example is represented by the interactive bus stations and traffic totems, which allow bilateral information and communication between institutions and people. The transaction zone, encompassing kiosks systems for ticket, utilities payment etc., enables the selection and acquisition of products and services, under conditions of enhanced accessibility.
CS Vision holds ISO 9001 and 14001certificaters, ISO 27001 Information Security certificates, and OHSAS 18001 certification in Health and Occupational Security.