The fact that TomTouch dominates the customized solutions market is closely related to our proved capacity to integrate any components combination under an info-kiosk project.
We have implemented solutions in the public or private environment, in the automobile industry, in hotels, banks, museums, or on petroliferous platforms.

TomTouch has tens of clients who have benefited from our advice, and consequently, it may provide you advice as regards the selection of components, and the most advantageous means to integrate your solution. If you cannot see the list, please ask us.

  • Computer options - TomTouch offers a range of computers options; practically, we integrate any preferred PC (robust, mini-tower, thin client, IBM Anyplace and other „all-in-one” solutions). The decision is up to you.
  • LCDs – as components for the main display, those 17” si 19” are most frequently integrated.The secondary LCDs vary in size from 20” la 42”+.,considering the model of the info-kiosk. Their vast majority can be integrated with touch screens. He bigger LCDs are mainly available for digital signage solutions or interactive advertising.
  • Keyboard – Robust keyboards / combinations with track ball (indoor/outdoor), or office keyboard and mouse.
  • Card readers – a wide card range, sliding or inserted cards, credit cards, with IR or smartcards.
  • Printers – a complete range of high quality printers for receipts, tickets, cards, photos and classical needs of laser printing.
  • CI biometric scanner de – with finger-print, five - fingers, palm line.
  • Bar-code scanners - 1D, 2D and scanner particularized options.
  • Money acceptors – acceptor of coins and banknotes (capacity of 500 - 1200 banknotes).
  • Money dispensers - coins and banknotes dispensers - multiple cassettes hopper storage options.
  • Document scanner – a complete range of professional scanners for image capture (passports, permits, checks and other traditional documents) can be integrated to info-kiosk or scanner, „attached” to the cabinet.
  • Cameras – identity capture, web cameras.
  • Intimacy and security components – security carpets, confidentiality filters, printers with retractable paper, safes and money cassettes, coded latch / alarms.
  • Wireless - broadband, bluetooth / infrared, RFID with no contact, Wi-Fi.