We have the experience you need for transforming the initiative of Sharepoint implementation into a successful project. We install and configure MOSS 2003, MOSS 2007 and MOSS 2010 in your business environment, we guide you through the newest functionalities of SharePoint and offer you accurate procedures to establish which the value is added technology to your type of business by the techmology.

Six types of solutions are concentrated on the Sharepoint platform:
  • Portal – Access to information, process and people based on the context and the roles Search – fast connection with information and the people who are the pieces that lacks from the puzzle.
  • Content management – Effective management of the whole life cycle of the content generated by your business.
  • Business process– It captures critical business information and automates business process.
  • Custom reporting applications – We are able to create applications providing static reports, through the connection to the data base of the ERP solution that already exists in our company.
  • Business intelligence – online board, in real time, for business management
  • Cooperation – provision of an easy-to-use platform, to facilitate the cooperation between the colleagues inside the company, and between the company and the partners.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a complex platform used by companies worldwide consisting of:
- Centralization and information archiving in a central place
- Document traceability
- Management of inter-departamental information flow
- Structure comprising tasks and rights, in confomity with the company diagram
- Shorter information search time
- Documents versioning
- Mobility and independence: the users may share the centralized information on the company server with exterior applications.

We are pioneers in the development and use of the Sharepoint platform and for that reason, Microsoft granted CS Vision the status of Certified Gold Partner.

Our Company has the required experience, gained from hundreds of projects, and also professionals who are able to create integrated projects or participate along each stage of the life cycle of a Sharepoint project:
  • Business consultancy and analysis
  • Architecture and design of solution
  • Application branding
  • Customization of Sharepoint functionalities
  • Development of Sharepoint custom modules
  • Sharepoint Implementation
  • Sharepoint Integration
  • Sharepoint Migration
  • Sharepoint Training

The advantages of the partnership with our clients as regards the Sharepoint project development are:
  • Quick identification of the solutions providing the best ROI for the Project
  •  Specialists available for each implementation step of a Sharepoint project
  • It ensures all required functionalities both by the customization of existing functionalities and the development of new functionalities
  • Professionals teams for integrating the applications with SAP and Oracle Business Suite-type existing systems
  • 6 months warranty period granted for any accomplished implementation project

We offer our clients both the experience gained across more than 200 achieved projects, and the specialists acquainted with relevant updated information, to ensure the successful installation and implementation of the SharePoint projects.

We implement our applications on the following platforms:
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2003
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2010

The successful Sharepoint implementations accomplished by our specialists are:
  • Solutions for document management and colaboration
  • Solutions for process automation inside companies and institutions
  • Registry-type solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management solutions
  • Enterprise Portal and Intranet Solutions
  • Internet Portals
  • Acquisitions applications and investment control
  • City planning applications
  • Applications for the management of Human Resources
  • Applications for the management of fleets of cars
  • Applications for the local public administration (registrar’s office, management and issuance of transport permits)
  • Quality management applications

We have the required resources to carry out any of the Sharepoint installation and implementation types range, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

The standard steps of any Sharepoint installation and implementation, on the platforms of MOSS 2007, MOSS 2010 MOSS 2003 are:
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Planning
  • Customizations design
  • Customizations programming
  • Installation
  • Initial testing
  • Adjustments
  • Final testing
  • Production
  • User’s training
  • Maintenance

The average size of Sharepoint Server implementations as document management system depends on the complexity of the project and generally, is not longer than two months.
In the case of the Sharepoint-basis portals, the complex projects may cover a period of up to 6 months.

As Sharepoint is a scalable solution, any project may further evolve and it may transform itself as the organizations’ needs grow.
In case of small and medium-sized companies, which do not wish or do not have the required resources to be involved in the administration of the server where Sharepoint is implemented, we offer the hosted implementation option. As for the companies wishing to detain a complete control on the implementation environment, our professionals recommend the implementation of the Sharepoint stand-alone option.

CS Vision's team brings added value to the projects, consisting in:

  • Advice for identifying the optimum solution: free version of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform, customization of Sharepoint functionalities or purchase of certain components made by other companiesin order to lead the highest ROI (Return Of Investment) per project
  • Experience covering any step of the implementation cycle: the implementation of a Sharepoint project requires experts along all the implementation steps, from technical and business advice to maintenance and support. Our expertise covers any aspects of Sharepoint implementation, including planning and analysis, the accomplishment of architecture, customization, custom developments, data integration and migration, training, and technical support.
  • Post-implementation services. CS Vision offers the clients the possibility of integration with other systems, information migration, training, support and other post-implementation services to ensure the success of the Sharepoint implementation project.
  • Integrated services for complex projects. In case that the implementation takes place in an environment needing the expertise for integration with other systems, our teams, whether SAP or MS Dynamics professionals, are ready to help you.
  • Warranty. After the completion of Sharepoint implementation, CS Vision provides technical support and warrants free defects repairs during 6 months.

SharePoint Customization

Customization means the adaptation of solutions to the needs of each company. Our specialists make the difference between the simple customization on SharePoint and the achievement of specific solutions for Sharepoint.
Sharepoint is a platform rich in functionalities, as it has multiple functional components that may be adapted to respond to specific requirements.
In case that a free version of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform is used, the customization may help in obtaining a personalized solution.
Our team comprises specialists in Sharepoint configuration and administration who are capable to build new solutions on the Sharepoint platform that correspond the best to the business requirements of any company.

The customization may include:
  • Customization of the interface of a portal or a web page, accomplishment of a special design on certain pages (site branding)
  • Creation of the "Collaborative Application Markup Language" (CAML) for MOSS 2007 or MOSS 2003
  • Definition of personalized columns or different content types
  • Design of work flows using Sharepoint Designer
  • Customization of certain Web Parts, by drawing up personalized document templates etc.

In case that the customization of the existing functionalities is not sufficient, our specialists have the ability to develop functionalities for the Sharepoint platform from scratch.

SharePoint programming

Sharepoint programming aims at developing certain functionalities that are not included in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server.
The range of development services offering,„upon request”, is based on our experience as pioneers in Sharepoint implementation in the Romanian public administration, and on more than 200 projects completed during 11 years of business.

Up to the present day, among the developed extensions for Sharepoint we were involved in:
  • Connectors for communication to external systems
  • Personalized work flows, for different institutions type and different departments
  • Independent Web Parts
  • Development of personalized modules
  • Proprietary personalized applications for the management of work site, projects, work flows, users and groups etc.

Due to the special needs of this platform – as regards security, scalability and maintenance – all programming types for Sharepoint are carried out by .NET developers in Sharepoint, who are specifically trained in this respect.


The user’s training in SharePoint can help the company to pass smoothly along the process of adaptation to the new software solution.

The user’s training in SharePoint results in successful implementations, irrespective if the implemented solution is new or the solution is implemented for the first time. As most of the implementations are used for a small number of functionalities of SharePoint, and just by a relative small number of staff, the training is very important.

As the number of employed functionalities of SharePoint is directly dependent of the grade of users’ familiarization to the solutions, the SharePoint training leads to higher a number of personnel that adopts this technology and to a best use of information inside the organization.

The training means:
  • User’s attendance to lectures and presentations in classrooms
  • User manual for the customized and implemented solution
  • Online lectures

The training lectures may be differentiated by:
  • User type
  • User’s rights
  • Users’ level of knowledge, the method applied for using the solution

The types of lectured knowledge may include:
  • Use of the functionalities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to solve usual business issues, an introductive lecture with general addressability
  • Development of workflows (technical knowledge are not needed), using SharePoint Designer
  • Use of certain advanced functionalities of SharePoint (personal sites, registrations, web content management, work flows, Excel services, etc.). This lecture is oriented to persons with technical background, having solid Sharepoint knowledge
  • SharePoint administration

Additionally, the training may be oriented to the development of particular functionalities of SharePoint. .

The major benefit of the training provided by CS Vision specialists consists in their experience gained from their direct involvement in SharePoint-based works, and the impressive number of training classes already provided to the clients.

SharePoint Management

Sharepoint administration may imply:
  • Configuration and management of security settings
  • Configuration and management of search settings
  • Configuration of the server / servers on which the application is installed
  • Configuration of the Backup and Disaster Recovery system
  • Data management
  • Documents and records management
  • Forms management
  • Upgrades and data migration
  • Templates, functionalities and Web parts management

As this is a complex activity requiring specialists dedicated to this kind of work, we provide the clients, with the ability to use the administration services on SharePoint.
The administration for Sharepoint can be done at the locations of CS Vision, if the client chooses the hosted option, or on site, at the client’s premises.


The portals are web-based applications that help the delivery of information, communication, cooperation and process automation by using interconnected applications and web services.
There are two types of portals: Intranet and Extranet. The intranet type is accessible from inside the organization, while the extranet type is accessible from outside the company.
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