RiverRaft is a Task Management application integrated in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, which helps the managers to organize efficiently their business.

It is the easiest instrument to be used for task management because:

  • The manager follows-up easily the activity of the company, knowing who are the real persons responsible with the delegated tasks anytime
  • It is integrated in Outlook, a familiar environment
  • The tree structure enables the task management activity
  • Any commitment related to any task implies the responsibility of the whole team
  • The tasks to be accomplished have deadlines
  • The quality of the results is certified by a final auditor
  • It offers detailed activity reports
  • The activity may be also controlled on mobile phone
  • It runs offline

RiverRaft is the unique instrument of activity and task management integrated in Outlook enabling the management of dynamic business processes, those ad-hoc business processes carried out for activities that do not offer an easy predictability on the solving means.

RiverRaft employment enhances the efficiently of the activity in public institutions through:

Business Process Management - Organizational education

The business processes, specifically the activities leading to the achievement of objectives are easily coordinated using RiverRaft Outlook BPM. The internal resources are used efficiently and the workflows modelling, in case of dynamic processes, those ad-hoc business processes for which the necessary resources for achieving the objectives are not known from the beginning, are controlled by the simple visualisation of the created process.

Activity management - Efficient management

Business is money. An efficient activity management offers means of costs reduction, aiming at achieving the objectives and satisfying the customers’ needs. Where the activity is organized efficiently by RiverRaft Outlook BPM, the evaluation of the personnel and the control of their performances are done effortless and therefore the team is motivated by the obtained result, pursuant to the achievement of objectives.

Time management –Time saving

Also, Time is money. RiverRaft Outlook BPM helps time saving by concentrating major information in the dashboard and in each created process, continuously focussing on the achievement of objectives. RiverRaft may be integrated with known Time Management methodologies and solutions.

Team management – Efficient control of objectives achievement

As for the coordination of any team in accomplishing RiverRaft business processes, CS Vision offers a platform where the information exchange is done in a simple and direct manner. Keeping up with committed terms, the implication and quality of deliverables are easy followed by accessing the RiverRaft folder from MS Outlook 2007 or MS Outlook 2010.

Cooperation – Centralization of documents in the same place

The documents that are to be created, changed, or serve as a base for other documents are available in the RiverRaft folder in Outlook for anybody who cooperates to the accomplishment of a business process, task or subtask. The changes are immediately transferred to the involved persons and are also available offline.

RiverRaft benefits

  • You follow fatly and easily the activity, the processes and delegated tasks
  • You control efficiently the terms, the procedures, the time of tasks achievement
  • You simple delegate, follow easily the delegated tasks in a familiar environment (Microsoft Outlook)
  • The employees know well which are their tasks and deadlines, and have all necessary resources to carry out their tasks in a sole place
  • You have the capability to control the delegation tree for achieving a certain task and to know what the status of the delegated tasks is anytime