The current information era encompasses a huge amount of unstructured content generated by the companies, which includes documents, e-mail messages, instant messages, web pages etc.
This content exists under unmanaged, unstructured form, impairing the organization to use important shareable information, which might be transformed in real management instruments.

Enterprise Content Management is a method of organizing and storing the documents in an organization, of other types of content that relate to the internal organization processes.
The term comprises strategies, methods and instruments used throughout the life cycle of the content generated by an organization.

We are certified as Microsoft Gold Partner for Enterprise Content Management, the Microsoft Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution being a key-component in the infrastructure of an organization.

By implementing a Microsoft ECM solution, an organization benefits from:
  • Efficient management of different content types
  • Business optimization
  • Advanced security settings to meet the provisions of law (in case of banks and institutions with high security level)
  • Efficient management for multiple web sites

By using SharePoint as an Enterprise Content Management platform, we were able to provide the customers with the necessary means to cooperate easily through a single platform.

Enterprise Content Management encompasses all the functionalities offered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and therefore manages specific content needs:
  • Document management
  • Records management
  • Web content management

We are able to provide you all the arguments required for a successful ECM project, based on our experience in implementing SharePoint and adapting developed solutions to the customer’s characteristics, and also on our experience on projects development for the main public institutions from the Romanian public administration and for private companies.