Advantages held by CS Vision

Advantages held by CS Vision

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001
  • Experience in the development of applications and solutions on Microsoft platforms
The .net platform is an excellent development environment for business applications, as it solves the interoperability issues of other development platforms, and therefore it allows the employment of codes written in other programming languages.

.net Framework is employed to develop the most of the applications under Windows. It allows:
  • Integration with other instruments and technologies to create easily solutions adapted to requirements
  • Faster accomplishment of applications with complex functionalities
  • Extension of the devices types, applications or tasks that may be created on the same platform

The .NET Framework platform is represented by:
  • Common Language Runtime – it offers an operating system abstract layer
  • Base Class Libraries – code already created for simple tasks programming
  • Platforms and programming technologies – reusable, customizable solutions for complex tasks programming

The most important benefits offered by .NET are:

  • Total interoperability with the existing code - COMs can interact with the native code .NET and vice-versa. Also, the Infocation Services platform (PInvoke) allows the access to C libraries (and the API ) from the .NET code.
  • Total integration of languages - .NET supports inter-languages inheritance; it catches inter-language exceptions and inter-language debugging.
  • A real simple development/placement model - Under .NET it is not necessary to register a binary library in the registry of the operation system.
  • Simple design of complex systems. .NET minimizes drastically potential bugs occurrence.

CS Vision’s experience:

  • Since 2000 we have developed multiple .net business applications, becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner (Microsoft Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV) due to our great number of implementations.
  • We have employed the .net Framework platform both for the customization of existing applications (Sharepoint ports, BPM solutions under Windows etc.), and the development of further applications, such as RiverRaft, AdVision , MediaPlan etc.