The natural workflow of the City Planning Department of the City Halls and the County Councils is exactly reflected by the solution developed by CS Vision experts. Each step of the City Planning Certificate is automatic, from the receipt of requests, until the registration of the certificate with the Registry of issued City Planning Certificates.
The solution for the City Planning Department is harmonized with the activity at the Registry office, the activity of the Head of the Department and the councilman from the County Council or the City Hall, in view of solving faster the requesters’ demands. (Please see the feasibility study).

Beside the application for the management of the City Planning Department we have developed a component of legal advice focused on the processes specific to the activities from the urbanism zone. The County Council provides the employees of the County City Hall with laws, simplified methodologies of work process and help/ legal assistance or offer them the possibility to discuss the issues they currenly face.

Pursuant to the analysis of activities within of City Planning Department, we have created scenarios to solve any situation that might occur. Therefore, for different cases, the corresponding approvals are created, the documents are filed accordingly, notification or calculation sheets are drawn up etc.
The development platform is Sharepoint, and the activity of the City Planning Department is reflected by developed web-parts and workflows.

The objectives for the implementation of the solution for the City Planning Department are:

  • Enhanced control of the issuance process of the Urbanism Certificate
  • The Urbanism Certificates are issued in shorter time
  • Better cooperation between the Registry office, the Chief of Department and the Councilmen
  • Electronic archive of all the documents that were involved in the issuance of the City Planning Certificate
  • Less human errors
  • Less costs incurred by errors and less waiting time

The advantages of the partnership with CS Vision with a view to automate activities at the City Planning Department are:

  • The solution tracks the natural flow of activities in the City Planning Department
  • For its expertise in the customization, programming and solutions development on Sharepoint platform, CS Vision obtained the certification as Microsoft Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV).
  • Quality certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Pre-defined implementation templates for the City Planning application, which reduce appreciable the implementation time.