Advantages held by CS Vision

Advantages held by CS Vision

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001
  • Experience in the development of applications and solutions on Microsoft platforms
The partnership with one of the Business Process Management leaders on the market, provides us with the ability to model efficiently the clients’ workflows, and therefore to offer the advantage of an efficient business organization. is a BPM/Workflow suite for Microsoft Sharepoint that extends the Sharepoint Designer functionalities and offers advanced functionalities. CS Vision is its authorized distributor on the Romanian market.
K2 can be easily integrated with Sharepoint, Office and other solutions developed on Microsoft platforms. The advantage of K2 resides in the users’ possibility to identify the process on the whole, offering the developers a foundation for the improvement thereof. Additionally, K2 reduces dramatically the manual processing time of information.
The K2 variants used in CS Vision projects are K2 Blackpearl and K2 Blackpoint.

The advantages of the partnership with CS Vision team for the implementation of a workflow instrument:
  • Experience in the implementation of Business Process Management solutions under Windows
  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Use the most of all the functionalities and ability to develop new modules
  • We have chosen K2 as workflow instrument in the projects of CS Vision due to specific important functionalities:

Visual Designers

The functionality provides anybody with the ability, irrespective of its technical expertise, to get involved in the design and validation of a solution for business process management. The business analysts, the relevant experts, and the IT developers cooperate to improve the processes under K2.
  • K2 Designer for Sharepoint provides a robust web-based environment for the design of the process that meets any requirement of a department/service.
  • Extensibility allows any built workflow to be developed by adding new functions specific to a scope, or by adding steps to the set of existing workflow instruments.
  • Cooperation allows the portfolio managers to start to build the processes under K2 Designer for Sharepoint, which is continued by the IT team that takes it over to complete the technical steps.

Business Logic

Any organization/institution has processes including a business logic generating a pre-established decisions string. K2 functionalities administrate the rules and policies for the management of the foregoing processes.
  • Alignment of the functions for Business Logic allows the calculation of the variables involved in different processes and the text formatting for different processes, which can be saved for further reuse. Example: the manager who approves the number of the holiday days must know how many holiday left days has the employee, and to know that data are well formatted (03.10 = March 10, and not the 3rd of October) etc.
  • Terms extension and redirection of activities – allow the accomplishment of activities in due time, reducing the costs generated by the poor running of the internal operations.
  • Auto notifications are designed to maintain the actions to be done to the attention of the participants involved in carrying out such actions. In the situation where the accomplishment of a process depends on the accomplishment of other actions, K2 can address notifications at the moment when the conditions of that action are met (e.g., the price o a certain product is changed).
  • Alignment of K2 functions against Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word – offers the companies and institutions, for which the frequent law changes imply modifications in the pre-established documents format and calculation means in excel. K2 maintains the business logic for each document, and updates fast its content.

Integration and extensibility

The information stored in CRM, ERP systems are available through already developed access connectors. We have already invested in the development of those connectors, which enable us to offer the customers a faster implementation time.
  • Integration of Active Directory and Exchange allows the integration with the processes for the automatic creation of the users’ account and e-mail addresses, for system updating in different departments, and business lines in real time or the management of the tasks transmitted to other departments.
  • The meeting organizer offers the opportunity to find out the schedule of all the participants to the project. The integration with the calendar from Microsoft Outlook allows employing K2 to create the meeting requests.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the users the possibility to build workflows and processes based on marketing, services and sale information from the CRM system.
  • The in-depth integration with Sharepoint K2 offers all the instruments for building, managing, and archiving the SharePoint sites, by interacting with all SharePoint items– lists, external lists, and documents, documents sets, and libraries, forms and sites collections.

Other functionalities:

  • Access to SQL data
  • Web services for Smart Objects
  • Web services for Workflow
  • K2 Smart Objects and departmental integration (or business lines)
  • External access to data and to the processes from K2

Activities management (Task Management)

K2 offers an accurate image both to the managers and the employees as regards the tasks to be done and the time allocated thereto, without involving these persons in a new and complicated learning systems. The functionalities achieving the task managements are:
  • K2 work list – a centralized image of all tasks within all processes, which may be modified by the users directly in K2 custom to-do-lists.
  • K2 web parts of processes, to have any detail on performed processes
  • Integration with other forms types – for the cases where it is absolutely necessary to store the forms (e.g., the forms required by law in case of the public institutions).

Reporting and auditing

K2 offers easy visibility and accessibility of all information across the organization.
  • K2 Report Designer is an instrument easy to use even for non-technical users, employed to build reports that filter the data from all systems, and offers accurate and appropriately information structured as reports.
  • K2 View Flow is a means of graphic visualisation in real time of the processes status, which offer audit information about decisions and the person who has taken such decisions.
  • Complete visibility with K 2 Process Portals, which offer an impressive reports range, to enable the establishment of reference criteria for the work locations and the workflows. Its easy handling allows both technical and non-technical people to use the existing reports.

Administration and processes management

K2 administration can be easily done from Sharepoint or other web-based applications.
  • Processes programming in K2 ensures the process continuity and the observence of deadlines for recurrent processes.
  • Approval of administrative process and versions management to avoid data loss
  • Flexible security settings for processes and tasks – to preserve information confidentiality in the system.
  • Instruments for K2 processes management, which change the process with new information, even if the process is running.