RiverRaft Outlook BPM is the easiest instrument for activity management.

RiverRaft is the unique instrument of activity and task management integrated in Outlook enabling the management of dynamic business processes, those ad-hoc business processes carried out for activities that do not offer an easy predictability on the solving means.

The advantages of an efficient activity management:
  • Managers control easier the results of delegated tasks
  • The employees know what and when to do
  • Tasks are accomplished in time, and individual productivity reports may be obtained from the task management applications
  • Performance evaluation and control is accomplished effortless
  • Business objectives are easier planned and accomplished

As a management solution of business processes, it offers solutions for an efficient management to control efficiently the achievement of objectives in real time etc. See hereunder what are the benefits of the companies that employ RiverRaft Outlook BPM.

It is integrated in Outlook

The acquaintance time with RiverRaft takes minimum time, as a management and task management business process solution integrated in MS Outlook 2007 and MS Outlook 2010.
All RiverRaft functionalities are included in a folder that looks as any MS Outlook 2007/2010 folder, to which you are already accustomed. The communication principles are the same as in the case of e-mail, additionally benefiting from the efficient management of the business processes so that the results of the team are easier obtained.

The time for implementation and training is minimal, as all the users are familiar with using e-mail, and the technical requirements do not pose any problem and the licensing policy is quite flexible; consequently the period needed to begin process application is less than one week.

Follow the flow of activities in a tree structure

In the RiverRaft Outlook BPM (Business Process Management) interface, each delegated activity is transmitted as a business process. The managers and employees are all able to generate processes and in order to solve a process, tasks and subtasks may be generated by everyone involved in the implementation. Consequently, a tree, easy to follow structure is achieved, with each delegated task readily identifiable, as opposed to a common task management application. The status of each delegated task is immediately visible, by using conventional, easy to recognize conventional signs.

In order to achieve the expected results, RiverRaft Outlook BPM provides delegating managers the opportunity to readily and directly supervise the whole path of activities, in a tree structure, in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010.

A delegated task always has, through RiverRaft Outlook Business Process Management, an addressee who commits to implement the activity. Delayed commitment to a delegated task is visible; consequently one of the main causes for delays is eliminated:
"Non-functional communication”

The tasks to be achieved have deadlines

Each task delegated by the manager has, through RiverRaft Outlook Business Process Management, a clearly stated deadline, established by common agreement with the employee. At the moment of creating a business process or delegating a task, the manager asks the task manager for a deadline estimate, the task manager being able to schedule the activities according to the existing program. The deadline is helpful in the task management activity, by enhancing deadline monitoring and the visibility of delays.

The quality of the results is certified by a final reviewer

Quality is one the most important variables in determining whether a task or business process is complete. RiverRaft Outlook Business Process Management provides the manager with the opportunity to personally certify completion of a task or to select an expert as final reviewer, in cases this is not within his area of competence. Such a function, integrated in a task management solution, enhances the focus on achieved results and reduces the time needed to complete a process. Consequently, the quality of the deliverables is improved and the tasks resulting in doubtful deliverables are kept open, while the dynamic business processes are solved more rapidly.

Provides activity reports

Through RiverRaft Outlook Business Process Management one has at hand a solution to report activities, so as to have, at any time, an adequate image of the completed, delayed or abandoned processes and tasks, as well as on the manner they were solved. The business processes created in RiverRaft Outlook BPM and the associated tasks provide statistics related to time management, team management and the overall management of the activity.

It also works on the mobile phone

Updates on the tasks delegated through RiverRaft are also available on the mobile phone, at the same time with the e-mail messages in Outlook 2007/2010. Thus, the status of work is clear, easy to monitor and easy to organize while the business processes are modelled in a natural way, based on quickly received answers, even while you are out of your office. Management of activities becomes an on-line activity and the results of the delegated tasks may be controlled at any time.

It works offline

Even in the absence of an Internet connection the delegated tasks are visible, with all the related information and documents, the same as in the case of e-mail. The processes and tasks achieved offline are synchronized at the moment of connecting to the Internet, allowing for continuously improving tasks management. The business processes created offline are received by the employees at the moment of accessing an Internet source.