The “Registration and scanning” application provides the employees in the Registration Department with a system including instruments to easily collect, register, distribute, archive and follow-up on documents.

This system provides control of both the documents entering and exiting the institution. The whole system is based on the SharePoint technology, offering a unique vision on the information, even of that coming from different sources and, at the same time, reducing to a minimum the amount of time needed to retrieve dispersed information. A high level of flexibility and operability is thus obtained.

The Registration system consists of a scanner, an application used to input the data relating to the registered documents – “Scanning application”, the registry book and the electronic archive.

1. The scanner

  • it is small, very easy to use;
  • provides both sides scanning in one pass;
  • allows scanning in seconds of whole files and their automatic compacting in a single PDF document;
  • provides automated means to recognize text at the moment of scanning - OCR;

2. Scanning application

Through this application the scanned documents are registered, in a secure manner, with the pertaining information. In order to ease work numerous scenarios were created (e.g. enter-exit with a new registration number, enter-exit with an additional registration number, enter-exit with a reserved number).

3. Registry Book

The Registry Book is accessible through a simple and familiar media, such as Internet Explorer and allows operation on the common fields in the In-out Registry, offering a wide array of functionalities: searching, sorting, filtering, printing and updating means of the registry hard copy required by law.

4. Electronic Archive

This is where the documents scanned with the scanning application will be stored. It will allow consulting the content of documents, at any time, in their official form, the form in which they were registered. Provides advanced means for searching and identifying information.