Benefits from using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as a document management system:

  • Virtual assistant – provides uniform data organization and helps in finding data fast and easy.
  • Control of information and internal processes – all documents are archived in the same place, through procedures using certain models or certain types of documents. The document flows can be integrated in SharePoint so as the documents can be processed and approved according to internal rules.
  • Consolidation of information – The models created ahelp to collect information homogenously and centralize the information collected by the staff in a single point.
  • Search and easy information index– the search in SharePoint is done by content or different attributes (tags) of the documents. There are more than 200 types of indexed documents, from multiple sources, which may also be external sources.
  • Content management - cooperation. The collaborative work on the documents gives the users the facility to alter the content of the same the documents in real time, simultaneously, and it is not necessary to download the document. Attaching the version name to the documents ensures to map out information and to keep information under the form of each version. The documents auditing ensures the quality of the content.
  • Enhanced security due to the authentification system. Each company may establish roles and rights structure, establishing the access levels to information, differentially, up to the document level.
  • Fast archiving and back-up for documents security. The documents life cycle is followed naturally by Share Point, and the documents may be easily archived after their use. Supplementary, the rescue back-ups are made automatically, and the versioning solutions ensure the continuity of information whitin any document, as it may be required.

Our role in building a performant document management system:

  • Integration of the Document Management solutions with specialized applications and other systems used for documents archiving. The Service Oriented Architecture – Software Architecture based on services - approach allows us to connect SharePoint to most specialized applications for different business lines, and also with other systems from the customer’s IT park in order to benefit as much as possible from previous investments.
  • Business-oriented approach. The information flow comprising creation, development, storage and distribution is the basis of the main work principles for achieving a management system on SharePoint. As a matter of fact, the rules remain unchanged for any implementation type all along the use of the system, while the rights and the policies pertaining to the documents are preserved even if the developments are not needed any more.
  • In depth-customization of functionalities aiming at meeting any requirements. Our team of experts, jointly with the staff specialized in document management contribute to the design and the building of a personalized document management system using all the procedures which are already familiar to the personnel.
  • Development of supplemental modules and applications to offer the customers a complete solution. SharePoint adapting and programming are the services that support the successful results of the projects specific to the customers’ activity.