The activity of the organization may be divided in business processes, which at their turn may be divided in tasks.

Obtaining a high effective activity of a company implicitly means a most effective management of the activities. Optimization of task management means the management of the whole life cycle of activities, including planning, testing, follow-up and reporting thereof through dedicated software solutions.

The software solutions for task management are a part of the main portfolio of our company, represented by the RiverRaft product, and the advanced solution for activities management, and BPM (Business Process Management) integrated in Outlook. RiverRaft is founded on our specialist’s experience in accomplishing solutions for activities management.

The products, developed custom applications and management solutions of the proposed activities are based on Microsoft technology and .NET Framework.

The functionalities developed for the solutions for task management include:
  • Possibility to accomplish jointly the activities
  • Possibility to use templates for the most common activities
  • Visualisation of activities as a list and as a calendar, which may be extended to a visualization by priorities (budget, time, important persons)
  • Notification of due terms
  • Resources allocation for each activity
  • Development of connectors meant to integrate the functionalities with other systems, Accomplishment of scalable solutions, which means the modification of solutions settings depending on the users number
  • Reports presented as charts and excel documents

The advantages of being our partner in task management implementation

  • Our experience as Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Multiple projects that enhanced the efficiency of activities in the Romanian public organizations and institutions, having an important component of Task Management.
  • Capitalization on already developed models under previous projects.