Advantages held by CS Vision

Advantages held by CS Vision

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001
  • Experience in the development of applications and solutions on Microsoft platforms
We employ Microsoft SQL Server for developed business applications, because SQL is mostly used for relational data base, and Microsoft SQL Server is a necessity for the design of dynamic contents.

The developed applications covers a wide range of functionalities, using different SQL Server variants, whether MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL server 2005, or MS SQL Server 2008. In case of big institutions or companies that use such developed applications, the size of data bases may be impressive (e.g., Registry applications, applications for the management of the fleet of cars, applications for Human Resources departments, for media agencies etc.).

Some of the advantages of using Microsoft SQL Server in accomplishing business applications are:

  • Faster development time, due to stored procedures. The stored procedures are pre-compiled lines, saved on the server, which are used upon the occurrence of similar necessities.
  • Scalability: possibility to evolve at the same pace with the necessities of the institution or the company that implemented the developed application on Microsoft SQL Server. Therefore, in case that the activity is developing and involves a big data volume, SQL Server can easily manage the higher number of requests in the data base, and it may be also employed for millions of registrations or transactions.
  • Protection of the customer’s information, enhanced security. The rights for Microsoft SQL Server use in are managed in a special section mentioning the stored tables and procedures to which a specific user has access. Therefore, the user can interrogate a limited sector of information that depends upon its profile. Also, the stored logs actions from the application offer the administrator the possibility to identify faster the security breaches and to eliminate / limit information drain.
  • Elimination of accidental data loss. The records of the logs to SQL Server updating section means the records of data searches, deletions and update. In case of accidental actions, it is initiated the roll-back procedure to revert to initial data.
  • Easy data recovery due to auto back. The auto back option from SQL Server allows the storage of the data base and of the logs actions to another (hardware or media) support). Consequently, the administrator can restore a data base in case of lost or corrupted data, or if one of the hardware of the server faces issues.

CS Vision employs the following versions: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Data migration can be done between the three servers, depending on the requirements.

Some of the novelties of MS SQL Server 2008 against the older version MS SQL Server 2005 are the following:

  • More thorough reports and analyses
  • Enhanced efficiency for IT administrators and developers
  • Possibility to develop complex applications for the processing of different types of events
  • Easier installation
  • Fact codification of data and tables, without needing programming
  • Better compressions for higher performance benefits
  • Higher performance and scalability