Software Division

The Sofware Division specializes in developing business software solutions, document management systems, implementing and adapting Business Process Management solutions and software solutions to manage flows and for managing the activity of a company through advanced task management solutions (management of activities) RiverRaft.

The projects implemented so far involve developing applications used by thousands of employees. More efficient time management, reducing the number of operations needed to obtain official papers, more efficient activity monitoring are only some of the benefits of the projects implemented by CS Vision.

Here are some of these:
  • Implementation of a document management system adapted to the working manner of the employees changed the working style, generating the habit to apply clear procedures for document management (see CJ Cluj case study)
  • Implementation of a document registration system integrated with a process flow to ease the registration manner and to facilitate the circulation of documents through the institution (see CJ Brasov case study)
  • Increasing the number of achieved tasks and reducing the time needed to achieve tasks through RiverRaft.

TomTouch Division

The TomTouch specializes in developing interactive hardware solutions and applications for their use, whether for info-kiosks, multi-touch surfaces, multi-media applications, interactive bus stations or whole interactive spaces.

From the design phase to implementation and project support, we offer you, through TomTouch Division all the needed elements for the interactive projects you want to implement.

Due to the production workshop in Brasov, we are able to create custom projects, adapted to the most stringent requirements. Also, local manufacturing and the relevant experience allow us to offer OEM solutions and services, in all the steps implied by this.

Several of implemented projects are:

  • Creation of an information display platform from the internal portal with more than 30 info-kiosks, for Schlumberger, one of the first companies in the world in oil extraction (see Schlumberger case study)
  • Creation of an “Interactive bus station” – in which the pole in the bus station is replaced by and interactive one. Games or applications developed for each individual project may be loaded on the interactive pole. (see Pepsi - Media Direction case study)
  • Development of an interactive car configuration, i.e. a touchscreen terminal displaying detailed information for each model, video clips and a configurator to visualize a model with various options and in different colours (see Porsche Romania case study)