The tasks of the Acquisition and Investment Control Department imply the management of a great number of documents that are manipulated in compliance with law provisions.

The activity is deployed in conformity with certain procedures needing a specific software solution that allows workflows modelling parallel with to the efficient management of the documents.

The Acquisition and Investment Control Application developed on a flexible platform by CS Vision experts, specifically Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, is the perfect work environment. The employees can easily draw up the annual schedule of public acquisitions, to carry out the tender book, to perform the obligations related to advertisement, and to evaluate the offers.

Also, after the completion of the winner procedure, the department draws up the file of public acquisition and initiate the tracking activities as regards the contracts and the public acquisition. The access rights are established in conformity with the diagram and the job sheets, thereby the security of the system is strictly controlled.

The objectives of the implementation of the solution for the Acquisition and Investment Control Department are:

  • Automation of the acquisition process
  • Higher efficiency of the process of acquisition tracking
  • Better cooperation between the Registry office, the Head of Department and the Councilmen
  • Electronic archive of all the documents that were involved in acquisitions
  • Less human errors
  • Less costs incurred by errors and long waiting time

The advantages of the partnership with CS Vision team with a view to automate activities at the Acquisition and Investment Control Department

  • For its expertise in the customization, programming and solutions development on Sharepoint platform, CS Vision obtained the certification as Microsoft Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV).
  • Quality certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Pre-defined implementation templates for the application Acquisition and Investments Control, which reduce significantly the implementation time.