The solution for the Registry sector from the Romanian public institutions is a system that delivers the instruments needed by the personnel from the Registry sector to receive, distribute, store and track the documents.

This system controls both the documents entering and leaving the institution. The whole system is based on the SharePoint technology that offers a single vision on information, even if such information come from different sources, and at the same time, it reduces the time needed to search dispersed information. In this case flexibility and functionality have high levels.


  • Elimination of manual registries, introduction of electronic registration and numbering
  • Documents tracking
  • Possibility of inspection of documents content

The main advantage resides in an efficient work environment through:

  • Automatic generation of numbers – less human errors
  • Safety
  • Enhanced rapidity
  • Easy archiving
  • Possibility of complex search actions
  • Allowing concurrent use and distribution

The Registry system includes a scanner, an application employed to enter the date of the registered documents - „Scanner application”, the registry and the electronic archive.
It has a friendly interface, easy to use, adaptable and tailored according to the principle „as less clicks as possible”.