The Local Public Administration Department from any County Council issues Decisions and Orders. The foregoing legal documents are issued to approve the requests, and upon certain condition, a substantiating Report should be annexed thereto.
The prepared management solution aims at decreasing the time interval needed to respond to the requests and better managing the documents.

In preparing the solution we have considered the following functionalities:

  • Visualisation of all scanned reports sent to the Local Public Administration Department after their registration at the General Registry Office
  • Preparation of the Files of the Local Public Administration Department, including any information related to the works carried out in this Department
  • Templates and documents libraries for a better information management
  • Documents workflow management, also including the actions for getting signatures, to accelerate the process of solving the requests.
  • Creation of an electronic archive of the documents, where any document can be found easily any time, even if its processing was completed

This software solution is developed on Sharepoint platform. The already implemented functionalities may be completed with the functionalities related to the necessities of the institution, through application programming or customization.

The main benefits of automatic activities carried out at the Local Public Administration, by using the application developed by CS Vision:

  • Higher visibility of the documents.
  • Optimization of the time allocated to solving the people’s requests.
  • The activity is transparent both to the institution and other institutions to which the County Council submits reports.
  • Easy identification of information in the document archive.
  • Workflows gains efficiency inside the department.
  • Documents signatures and approvals are obtained faster.
  • The advantage of employing the application developed by CS Vision programmers arises from the architecture of the application of which structure reflects the management of all Romanian County Councils.
  • The implementation of the application by other systems from the County Council is fast, due to the connectors already in place.
  • The implementation time of a standard project is not longer than one month, the users’ training being included to.