We approach three business models in the software development solutions upon request:

1. Fixed price and time

In this case, the project has a fixed delivery term and a fixed price. This project approach is ideal for the customers having an accurate image of the needs to be met by the solution, the functionalities of the solutions, and of the allotted budget and the deadline. The results of this type of project are established for each step from the beginning, as well as for the delivery date. The payments are done monthly, and the costs are low as all the development steps are known from the beginning.

The prices and terms negotiated from the beginning are a real advantage of such model.

2. Time and Material Model

This model is recommended to the companies having not the ability to define easily the development object, specifications, and plan. The development efforts are evaluated per hour or per day, and the CS Vision development team cooperates closely with the customers’ team involved in the project development.

The CS Vision team issues a report, on a monthly basis, which is agreed jointly with the customer’s project team, detailing the accomplished tasks, and therefore the manual labour costs. This model offers flexibility to the management of the team. In case that, the functionalities needs of the project are further cleared up, the “Fixed Price” model will be adopted.

3. " Dedicated development centre " model

If the customers wish to externalize the development services (Offshore Outsourcing) on long term, this model fits the best, because the externalized team is coordinated internally, by the customer.

The needed resources, equipment and infrastructure dedicated exclusively to customers are in place. The advantages of this project consist in the employment of experimental resources that are updated in conformity with the latest technology information, quality project management, while the budget is used efficiently. We invest in an additional resources pole, which can be used to enlarge team anytime. This system leads to the optimization of the employee’s productivity, while maintaining the price at a satisfactory level in order to offer the customers quality services on long terms. We offer specialized, competent consultants, full of energy, who work in the customer’s team aiming at offering quality services.