Bizflow BPM, the product of Handysoft company, is the most dynamic Business Process Management product, combining all the functionalities of BPM solutions in a single platform.

  • Process modelling
  • Establishment of new business rules
  • Process monitoring
  • Dynamic tasks management
  • Development of business applications and forms
  • Cooperation and flexible user interface for the personnel of the whole organization, irrespective of location
  • SOA integration
  • Monitoring of business activity
  • Security and administration

We have chosen BPM BizFlow for the projects needing advanced business processes modelling, due to its easy use and integration with other IT systems. The Bizflow BPM platform is one of the few solutions awarded with Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow Gold Award. Its advantage relies in the business management of non-structured process, which are not taken in consideration by the traditional Business Process Management products.

The solutions developed by CS Vision, based on BizFlow BPM automate and simplify processes, help the implementation of procedures, improve quality and productivity and improve the efficiency of the internal cooperation, and the cooperation with customers and partners.

BizFlow BPM users from different industries employ a Bizflow BPM platform to design, monitor, and optimize the processes across the whole organization.

The beneficiaries from the implementation of Business Process Management solutions are:

  • Participants to the business process – due to the improvement of process productivity and accessibility anywhere and anytime, to efficient communication and cooperation and efficient evaluation of own activity anytime.
  • Management – can manage activities in real time, can detect and correct incurred issues, can control costs and monitor budgets, can initiate quality programs, such as SixSigma, can proactively plan and can raise the employees’s awarness.
  • Business processes builders – due to the real time visibility of the activity, and to the possibility to command the use of certain procedures or the proactive management of changes. The modelling of the process and workflows may be done without the IT intervention. The forms in MS Office, Adobe and the files import from MS Project and Visio are done effortless.
  • Specialists of the IT department – due to the easy extension of the existing Bizflow BPM platforms, to the scalability of the application, and also to the fast integration with complex systems, such as CRM or ERP systems.

The advantages of the partnership with CS Vision team upon implementation of a workflow instrument, such as BizFlow BPM:

  • Experience in the implementation of Business Process Management solutions under Windows
  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Use the most of the functionalities and ability to develop new modules