The "Human Resources” application automates all the business processes deployed at the Human Resources Department at the City Hall or the County Council.

This application manages any specific activities, from the job advertisement to each employee’s file, remuneration, and the formalities for ending labour contracts. The application considers both employees type from the public administration, the public servants and the contractual employees.

Some functionalities allowing a better management of Human Resources Department are:

  • Managing the available positions in the institution, depending on criteria established by law (e.g., class, job, remuneration step etc)
  • Report running and forms drawing up (e.g., diagram, pay lists, openings, personnel sheets, notifications)
  • Managing the competition for the vacant positions of the institution
  • Managing the leave days and supplemental work
  • Jobs filling and suspension, cancellation of jobs suspension
  • Adding new jobs and employees

Each process of the Human Resources activity is created in conformity with law, and can be easily updated upon changes, due to the adaptation capability of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform.

The automation of Human Resources activity has the following objectives:

  • Higher efficiency of the process at the Human Resources Department
  • Easier and faster harmonization with the legislation
  • Optimization of the time allotted to draw up the Employee’s File upon employment
  • Easy retrieving of the reports regarding the employee’s activity
  • Preparation of necessary new forms upon occurrence of changes (e.g., Diagram, Jobs Sheet etc.)

Some of the benefits of the partnership with CS Vision with a view to automate activities at the Human Resources Department are:

  • The solution tracks the natural flow of activities in the Human Resources Department
  • For its expertise in the customization, programming and solutions development on Sharepoint platform, CS Vision obtained the certification as Microsoft Gold Partner (Enterprise Content Management and ISV).
  • Quality certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001
  • Pre-defined implementation templates for the Human Resources application, which reduce appreciable the implementation time.

You may see some implementation examples in the CJ Brasov and DGASPC case studies.