The activity of issuing transport permits, carried out at the City Hall, needs a specialized application for managing the applications received at the Registry office, and allowing the councilmen and the Head of Department to interact efficiently to issue the permits in due legal terms.

The application is built on a Sharepoint platform, and allows an optimum interaction of the department charged with the issuance of the transport permits with the Registry office that receives all the documents.

The Registry application, which also integrates a workflow application, enables the transmission of needed documents to each post, while the heads of the departments administrate the tasks of the people subordinated to them.

The advantage of any application on Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server platform consists in methodologies easy to implement, based on natural workflows of the department as well as its easy use, due to interface similitudes.

The main benefits of the automatic activity for issuing transport permits are:

  • Higher visibility of the documents of each file
  • Optimization and more efficient use of time in solving the people’s requests.
  • The activity is transparent both to the institution and other institutions
  • Easy identification of information in the document archive.
  • Workflows gains efficiency inside the department
  • Documents signatures and approvals are obtained faster etc.
  • The implementation time of a standard project is not longer than one month, the users’ training being included to.

For more information, please see also CJ Brasov case study.