The Brasov County Council is a local public administration authority, at the county level l, set up to coordinate the activities of the councils in communes, towns and municipalities, in order to ensure the provision of services of interest at the county level.

The county council is managed by a president elected by uni-nominal poll and consists of 34 county counsellors, elected through universal, equal, direct, secret and freely expressed vote, according to law.

Initial status

Before implementing the integrated software system, there was no application software available in the institution to make the processes of the organization efficient, which caused the following issues:
- It was not possible to have several registration points, as the registration of documents entered into or exiting from the organization was done in the unique input-output register.
- Report preparation took a long time
- An annual electronic archive of documents did not exist at the county level, to provide for their quick retrieval based on the information contained therein
- Collaborative work on files was impossible
- Standardized forms and processes did not exits, nor quick manners of cooperation with the staff of the City Halls in the county (the cooperation was achieved through sending documents by mail)
- It was difficult to follow the pathway of a document or a request, and important effort were needed to find the place of the document at a certain time
- People could not have any means to monitor the status of their requests.


In order to solve the identified problems, a software system was been created, conceived as an internal portal providing facilities to manage flows, documents and the information used in the institution. The solution is used by 100 users.
The application was created using the Microsoft SharePoint Server technology, a platform dedicated to document management. This technology provides a unique vision on the information, even in cases when they come from a wide array of sources, at the same time reducing to minimum the time for retrieving dispersed information.

The implemented software system comprises the following components:

- Registration module, that allows registration of all the documents that enter into or exit from the institution, automatically loads the scanned documents in an annual archive, saves all the information referring to these and allows searches and intelligent filters in the data base. Two documents registration points were established, both registering documents in the same input-output register. At the time of registering a document, a predefined document pathway is started, depending on the scenario selected by the user.

- The module for accessing the input-output register – facilitates citizens’ information on the status of the papers they have filed.

- Acquisition module – allows creating files for the acquisitions undertaken by the institution, preparation of documents based on Word of InfoPath templates, automatically transfers information from a file to another and from document to another, easily prepares the reports and easily manages the CPV Codes, contracts and information related to suppliers

- City planning module - comprises the flows and standardized forms for the procedure for issuing city planning certificates, approvals, building permits and commissioning certificates. The city planning system is integrated with the document registration module. A pathway for issuing a document is automatically started at the time the beneficiary’s request is registered.

- City planning module for City Halls – provides every City Hall in the county with efficient means of management of city prepared planning documents, and contributes to the establishment of a county archive of the files built in view of issuing city planning certificates, approvals and building permits.

- The module for city planning permit – allows the applicant to request on line for city planning permits, both to the City Halls and to the Brasov County Council and the electronic transmission of the documents filed by the applicant, and on line response to his/her application.

- SAPL module (Local Public Administration Service) – allows creation of a new file at the time of registration into the input-output register of paper for SAPL.

- Legal module – allows managing the court cases in which the Brasov County Council is involved, both as a defendant and as a claimer, of the documents pertaining to each file, of the court terms and sentences. It also allows the management of the special register created in the department, creation of an electronic archive, the monitoring of the steps already completed in a certain case and the easy retrieval of information.

- ISO module - provides a platform allowing the users entitled to undertake such actions to fill in the standard documents required by ISO procedures, consult the manual and the procedures for quality management or update these documents.

- Human Resources module – facilitates the management of the job descriptions in the institution, of the employees professional files, the documents prepared at the time of setting up a competition to fill in vacant positions and of other information, such as continuous education courses taken by the employees, seniority. The system automatically computes the number of pending leave days and the seniority and automatically generates the jobs log, personnel log and other reports, based on the information entered into the system.

- Transport permits module – provides for the management of the information related to routes, courses, vehicles, transportation operators, as well as the documents pertaining to vehicles, operators and routes. Also, the application automatically generates the terms of reference for a route and alerts the users on the expiration dates related to vehicles and transport operators.

- Official Gazette module – facilitates the management of the decisions taken by the Brasov County Council and of the documents comprising the Official Gazette

- ATOP module – is a management application dealing with the documents prepared in the ATOP Department

- BVART module - it is a web application describing various institutions of the Brasov County Council, such as the Ethnographic Museum, History Museum, Reduta (the Bastion), Mureseni House, George Baritiu Library. These data may by easily updated by the users, by entering information in a SharePoint site, providing a user friendly, easy to use interface.

- RiverRaft – allows modelling of the internal processes of the institution by automatically starting up a process at the moment of registering a document in the input-output register.

Application for the City Planning Office

Benefits obtained from implementation of the system

  • Optimization of the work time usage and information retrieval time
  • Increased work efficiency, by introducing standardized flows and forms, automated computing provided by the application (city planning taxes, pending leave days, seniority etc.), the means to automatically collect data, automated generation of reports
  • It facilitates work by alerting users regarding the expiration of documents or the time needed to solve issues in one file
  • Increased efficiency of the cooperation with the City Halls in the county
  • Improved means for citizen information, by providing them with the option to consult the register of the institution and by implementing the presentation sites of the subordinate institutions of the Brasov County Council. Also, following implementation of the system, the beneficiaries of the services provided for by the institution are not required anymore to visit various departments when filing an application, in order to make sure that the submitted documents are adequate
  • It ensures security of the information and of the prepared documents, the access to the private area being allowed based on user name and password.
  • It allows online accessing of the application, from anywhere, simply through a web browser.