We selected Socrate+ for integrating, in a sole platform, all the information in public institutions and organizations, an open ERP system, mature and stable, having interfaces that perfectly fit front-office applications.

Socrate+ is an integrated system, comprising several modules, through which the activities in an organization may be planned, allowing the efficient management of all the resources, structuring and increasing the visibility of the processes in the organization.

Socrate+ includes the modules: Administration, Financial, Trading, POS, Production and Management. The packages may be used in combination or separately, depending on the needs of the company.


Integrated modular architecture. Real time information
Socrate+ comprises modules that perfectly integrate with each other. For example, a sales bill filed in the Trading Department will immediately appear in accounting format, in the Accounting Department and the sales report of the Sales Manager. Thus, once introduced the data in a document are “disseminated” in the whole system, providing information at all the levels in the organization.

Easy to use. Accessibility
The very friendly graphic interface was conceived in a way such as to ensure a quick familiarization with the modules, regardless of the users’ level of education or their position.

Quick remote access to information
The system allows working in distributed media, data transfer from one location to another being performed automatically, notwithstanding the selected media (internet, direct line, modem etc.). This facility proves to be extremely useful in the case of organizations having branches scattered over different geographic areas (storage places, factories, shops, field sales agents etc.) and who wish to have real time information regarding the undertaken activities.

Multiple security levels
The system users may be granted with various access rights to documents, reports, and data base, based on their roles in the organization. There are also performance means to validate documents, which ensure data integrity and the coherence of the modelled process.

Quick implementation

A team of professionals having a vast experience and the proven implementation methodology warranta an easy and quick implementation of the Socrate+ system. This result is quick recovery of the investment and important gains in terms of time and money, pursuant to the use of the system.