The TomTouch Division has an unequalled experience in info-kiosks design and production. The sophisticated projects and the specific requirements, a real challenge in info-kiosks manufacturing, represent our main competitive advantage. Moreover, as far as the design is more complex and, implicitly, the project, the market will request exclusively TomTouch, due to the experience of this trade mark in special interactive projects.

We obtained the certification easily, as the manufacture volume and quality helped us, and therefore we included in our TomTouch portfolio just custom solutions tailored to the customers’ needs and preferences, instead of mass production, even for extensive quantities.

1 - Initial design concept

Even from the incipient step, the dialogue with a potential beneficiary, we draft together the evaluation criteria of the project and offer advice so as to outline the initial concepts within a concrete defined frame of the project.
The initial discussions begin with the beneficiary’s allocated budget, the project planning, the requirements related to the endowment of components, the installing, the potential project extension, among other project details. This first result defining the product design is the main tool that will guide the whole manufacture process and the participants to the project along this step. It is an instrument with a continuous evolution, gladly used by TomTouch, in view of its further improvement along with each particular experience.

2 - Evaluation of needed components and modelling

TomTouch purchases, as a consequence of the foregoing step, the electronic components identified to be necessary, in conformity with the project criteria, and tests each component in conformity with the beneficiary’s specific software, ensuring the proper compatibility.
Pursuant to this step, which is also evaluated by the beneficiary, TomTouch starts the initial modelling, using the foregoing components and ergonomic principles, to outline the cabinet mould.

3 - Initial design and rendering

Pursuant to the approval of the components set, the TomTouch department generates the initial rendering and draws up the mechanical layout to prove the correct placement of the components and to create, at the same time, an equipment with a wished aesthetic value. This is an iterative and interactive process where the members of the TomTouch project department cooperate closely with the beneficiary and the members of the project team. They present multiple creative options, which are constantly designed to be aesthetic, easily implemented and maintained.

4 - Mechanical design and evaluation of the project

The initial design advances a complete set of mechanical layouts and computer-generated renderings. Then the future project and the resulted engineering layouts are revised and followed by a potential list of modifications.
TomTouch evaluates the layouts, as the case may be, and produces renderings with an optimum arrangement of the info-kiosk components, waiting for the beneficiary’s potential feedback or approval.
Any change is completed upon the beneficiary’s guiding elements, followed by a final agreement of the design.

5 - Certification and prototype manufacture

TomTouch products are certificated by OSIM, ensuring the originality of these info-kiosk prototypes, and proving their integral manufacture in Romania – from concept, design, and project to production.
Everything begins with the initial assembling of the prototype at the manufacturing site in Brasov. It is followed by dying, finishing and final assembling of the first product.
A prototype may be assembled in even 2-3 weeks since the design of the info-kiosk was approved, due to our manufacturing experience.
The parallel actions of submitting the documentation required for the prototype certification, determine a maximum production period of 10-12 weeks.

6 - Production and installing

As soon as the prototype is delivered, TomTouch can benefit from the manufacturing site in Brasov to extend the production to the planned quantity, and also from having the kiosks installed by our internal specialists across the country. Therefore, we do not depend on companies with dubitable experience and offer our services even beginning with the preparation of the kiosk placement and ending with an extensive post-warranty period.


The info-kiosks presentations, the portfolios of phosphate photos, as well as the rhetorical statements „We can do anything...” fill up not only the online environment. But we have met advised or cautious customers asking for our expertise – customers’ references, examples of implemented solutions, data on volumes, proof of our service capacity or comparable implementation situations.
Experience really counts. We are proud that this absolutely fits to TomTouch. We have exercised and proved our design, production, and implementation capacities.

Each project installed by TomTouch added new layer to our expertise on the market, where the successful implementation for any beneficiary accelerates the chance of success for the following beneficiary.