The software solutions can cover the needs of a company on specific business areas. However, it often happens that the companies need to develop additional functionalities of the software products or to design products tailored as per their activity type, the internal workflows, and the means of activity development.

The solutions developed according to the needs of a company are a major business differentiator in particular domains. We are the right partner for those companies needing to have the solutions developed upon specific business requirements.

Our offer includes:

  • Development of business software solutions
  • Development of web applications
  • Development of desktop solutions
  • Development of mobile applications

Work sequence:
  • The customer, jointly with our analysts and consultants, define the solution type, how will the customers use it, which are the implicated business processes. Our architects and analysts design the project taking into consideration the information they have gathered for, so as the final solution will meet the customer’s needs.
  • After having accomplished the architecture of the solution, we establish the delivery steps, each step having time, money, and involved resources budget.
  • Each step has a procedure of solution acceptance, establishing if the solution meets the initial requirements, and the functionalities respond to the requirements. The tests are carried out both along the project and at its end.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the development of custom software. We proved all the pricedures and instruments required for the management of the most complex projects, to meet the customers’ requirements, expectances and preferences.
Today, our experience allows us, to allot specific equilibrated team for each project, with a view of succeeding to achieve any objective set up during the offer step. As our developers, software architects, business analysts and project managers benefit from the knowledge gained in the previous projects, through an excellent internal system of information management, the clients always will have the projects completed in a fast and effective manner.
Any customer benefits from the best practices of project management.

In this respect we concentrate on:
  • Communication procedures as regards the project, pre-established jointly with the client along the entire project periodManagement of customer’ needs
  • Management of changes
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Competence transfer
  • Reporting and partial delivery

Having in mind to ensure the project quality, we take our methodology as a basis, and we rely on our dedicated specialists who check the quality of each project.