The mission of ERP applications is improving the management and communication. The IT solutions IT support and ensure a familiar and friendly work environment, to achieve the objective of a public institution.
The main challenges in accomplishing the ERP application in the public administration were easier operation and faster reporting.


  • Faster receipt of documents by the accounting system, with the slightest effort
  • Elimination of the redundant collection of documents in different IT software
  • Transfer of primary collected documents to the persons charged with the reception thereof
  • Maintenance of the absolute control of registration of accounts at the accounting department

  • Automatic generation of general or specific report inside a direction
  • On-line reports presented easily and intuitively
  • Data of general interest available in all the directions

Benefits of an ERP solution for the public administration

The staff interacts with the application by different and simple mechanisms
  • Application interfaces under Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Web interfaces

The managers have the capability to access any information across the institution in an intuitive and attractive environment
  • Online reports published on the intranet
  • The nucleus of application is robust and extensible
  • The system will take over data from multiple sources and other applications, workflows etc.
  • The nucleus can be adapted to any changes of the requirements
  • System available on Internet
  • The system is accessed from other locations upon excellent security conditions

Benefits of the management

Online report easily accessed

  • Budget, budget execution, reports
  • Possibility to draw up custom reports

Easy control of every detail
  • Without needing to employ particular applications
  • Continuously updated information

Control the local councils and the subordinated institutions thereto
  • Local funds and European Union funds

Support of activities of preventive financial control
  • By automatic calculations and instant access to any required information

Records of legal agreements
  • Information on the status and execution means of the contracts

Implementation and keeping up to ISO Standards or internal rules
  • Implementation of the foundation of standardized processes and harmonious means of implementation

Uniform and coherent IT system
  • Facilitates the subordinated personnel’s work

Benefits of the operational institution staff

Collecting of a smaller volume of information
  • The primary documents are taken over by services

Automatic generation of accounting notes

  • According to accounting records and well defined accounting activities, under analytic and synthetic accounts

Chronological records of documents

  • The system ensures automatic chronological records

Automatic and updated accounting reports
  • Monthly balance, annual balance sheet, quarterly, biannual and annual reports

Automatic generation of available budget
  • Permanent updated budget execution
  • Report on available budget and payment limiting

Support of the activity of preventive financial control

  • By automatic calculation and instant access to any needed information

Record of legal commitments and ALOP control
  • Assisted ALOP process