A part of the operations of any company or public institution may be actually performed online. The internet benefits may be used for the improvement of the inter-business relationships, costs optimization, higher competitive advantages.

Today information is more and more valuable. The Internet portals become platforms for access to information anywhere and anytime, platforms for communication, cooperation and automation of business processes, through the interconnection of specific applications or specific web services.

We offer integral Portal-type solutions, which encompass the newest technologies and are in line with the business trends:
  • Social networks and communities
  • Portals of information distribution (digital documents and media)
  • B2C and B2B-type portals
  • Enterprise Information portals
  • Business Intelligence portals
  • Knowledge Management portals
  • Applications/web services portals

The features of a portal may be divided in four big categories:
  • Users' interface
  • Content delivery
  • Multiple web services
  • Portal management

The combination of the foregoing elements, based upon specific requirements, defines the business value of the portal. By combining the knowledge accumulated from professional experience, related to the best practices on portal developments, with the experience in the applications developed for organizations, CS Vision team offers a set of comprehensive functionalities for a specific portal, including among other things:
  • Content management
  • Management of digital data
  • Management of users
  • E-Commerce Portals
  • Portals for the management of communication and cooperation
  • Automation of business processes
  • Security

CS Vision portal development services:

  • Strategy and advice development
  • Business analysis and design of portal architecture
  • Design of the users’ interface and interaction means with the portal
  • Complete portal programming
  • Data base integration and design
  • Integration with the web services of other applications
  • Integration with other IT existing solutions in the environment of the organization (CRMs, ERPs, SCMs etc)
  • Quality assurance and complete tests of the portal
  • Optimization of the portal’s performance and execution of changes
  • Implementation, maintenance and support for users
  • Updating and building of new functionalities.

Pursuant to the implementation of the system, our team continue to support the customer, to ensure the correct operation of the portal, and is ready to update and change the portal according to the current business needs.