The workflow and Management process application is useful to big size public institutions from Romania. This type of application helps the management of business processes and their workflows modelling.

An workflow software solution automates the activity for directing the documents and tasks to the users within a business process, in view of accomplishing other actions.

This system allows to programm alarms or alerts for management or other persons responsible with certain processes, when the allocated time expires. This automatic operation system ensures that the work is transmitted faster in the system and is correctly processed by the appropriate users.

The automation of the workflow is just a small part of the operations done by a management solution of the business processes, specifically a Business Process Management solution. The solution offers visibility and control at the process level while it integrates the workflow with different applications, technologies and tasks within the institution.

The benefits from using the Business Processes Management solution developed by our team are:

  • Business processes definition and modelling
  • Automatic workflows
  • Processes analysis and management
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Activity monitoring
  • Integration of all applications within the institution

The implementation and employment of the Process Flow and Management application engenders:

  • Costs reduction
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher quality of business processes within the institution
  • Improvement of the beneficiaries’ satisfaction, in employing the services of institutions
  • Continuous commitment for improving the business processes

The applications generally used in the CS Vision implementations are: K2 .net, BizFlow, RiverRaft.

In view to implement an Workflows and Process Management solution in a public institution, we provide you with:

  • Analysis, tests, implementation, customization proceduresm, which were improved under large projects
  • First class specialists to manage all the implementation steps
  • Local and international solutions that have proved their efficiency in the national and world-wide public environment
  • Experience in the work methodology with local and central public institutions from Romania